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Inspection Services


Pre-Listing Inspection


A complete inspection of the property for an overall condition to understand and identify the completeness of disclosure.

This will help the buyer to understand the intention of a seller in good faith and condition for any unexpected defects in future.

Saves you efforts, time and money by identifying problems that could be revealed by the buyer own home inspection exercise .

Pre-Purchase Inspection


Concept Home inspection will help you to identify the potential future problems and any safety issues. We may be suggesting you for repair or replacements as the options may be.

Our Inspection will be objective, the overall condition of the house with a non-biased evaluation in best of your interest. This will help you to take a decision for this very large and important financial decision of your life.

Pre-Delivery Inspection


During the process of buying a new home or freehold condominium, at the time of taking the possession of your new home, it is required to conduct a pre-delivery inspection, or PDI. We will drive through the benefit of PDI - as it is a very important step in the new home buying process. 

At Pre Delivery Inspection you will get first opportunities to view your completed home. Your builder will give you walk through on all the section of house and operations of different electrical and mechanical items. We will guide you through a comprehensive inspection and document the same as per standard warranty documentation process.  

Run Through Inspection


This kind of inspection is use full for large projects to get a final smooth feel of the project development with expectation. These inspections are key to identify the major surprises at the time of Delivery of house or During the legal transactions or taking charge of the property.

Year-end warranty


New Homes are covered under warranty as supported by TARION. We conduct Inspection as per the Standards, Documentation, and process of TARION warranty framework and inspect at 30 days and One year accordingly. Our system support around 14000 types of expected defects in the property. 

Commercial Inspection

Consulting Assignements


Pre-Renovation Consulting

We develop a complete plan of execution for any large or small Renovation project.

  • Planning
  • Pre-Renovation Inspection
  • Drawing review
  • Movement review
  • Quality Control

Building Maintenance Program

A complete Audit for energy consumption and saving plan. Futuristic plan for expansion, repair and technological improvement.

Staging Management

Staging play a Major role at pre-listing of house. We create a plan and setup for your property to  create a comfortable environment to buyer and to make his decision firm and favorable.

Risk Management

Risk management consulting consist of 360 degree view for Physical Risk, Financial Risk and Material Risk. Risk mitigation plan will be placed on different time lines.